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Available now is Nissan's flagship vehicle. This gorgeous 2009 Nissan Fuga 370 VIP is an example of how Nissan can do luxurious cars right. With it's exceptional performance and beautiful interior, it's a chance to drive in Japan with style.


💥 Back Up Camera

💥 Adaptive Cruise Control

💥 Push Start

💥 Steering Wheel Controls

💥 Heated and Cooling Seats

💥 Leather Seats

💥 Memory Seats

💥 USB Connection


💥 Rear Window Shade

💥 Varis Body Kit

💥 Sport/Eco Mode


At $5,595 get in quick.

All our car prices includes 2 years JCI, Current Road Tax and LTO Runs.

2009 Nissan Fuga 370VIP

Excluding JCT
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