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All our vehicles come with a standard 30 Day Warranty.

However, for those looking for an extra peace of mind, we can extend this to 6 months

CheapToDrive Extended Protection Plan – Drive away with peace of mind for only $249.

How does it work?

It is simple. With the Extended Protection Plan through CheapToDrive you will be covered for 6 months for any major catastrophic issues arising with either your engine or transmission. All you need to do is arrange to bring the car to us and if we can’t fix it, we’ll put you into a new vehicle similar in style & price, IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

What is covered?

Internal engine components: Crankshaft, pistons, gears, cylinder block & timing gears.

Internal transmission components: Transfer case, torque converter, clutch cover & all internal parts.

Catastrophic engine & transmission failures can be the biggest issue facing deployed military members. However, no matter who you purchase a vehicle from, when this happens after 30 days, you are on your own.

CheapToDrive offer this program to protect you against the most costly breakdowns that often result in having to invest your own funds in purchasing another replacement vehicle.

What we offer is not just a warranty!!

If we cannot fix the problem, this becomes a replacement vehicle program.

Providing you the additional peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle here in Japan.



JCI INsurance

Road Tax and Temp Plate Fees

All our car prices include JCI insurance, temporary plate fees, LTO etc, Road Tax.

DM us to be first in the queue

Cheap2Drive bringing you the best. Your Safe and Simple way to get on the road.

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